5 Tips For Moving Into A Smaller Home After Divorce

Becoming a one-income household after years of being married often means downsizing in various areas of life, including your home. Moving into a smaller home after a divorce can make the most sense financially while also giving you a chance to start fresh with less belongings that remind you of your old life. Here are five tips for moving into a smaller home after divorce: Hire Professional Local Movers Divorce is stressful enough, and when you add the stress of a move, things can quickly become overwhelming.

5 Reasons Why A Self-Move Might Not Be In Your Self-Interest

Whether you're moving across the country or across the street, you're probably asking yourself if you should hire a moving company or tackle the task of moving your belongings on your own. For some people, a self-move seems more economical than relying on professional movers. However, going at it alone also has its share of disadvantages. The following outlines several reasons why moving on your own might not be the best option.