3 Important Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring Local Movers

Moving is a strenuous and daunting task. Therefore, hiring the right local movers can be the difference between an uneventful smooth move and a complete disaster.

Below are three essential questions to help you choose excellent movers.

1. Is Your Company Licensed And Insured?

You should ask whether the moving company is properly insured and licensed to avoid rogue movers. You can inquire if the movers are a member of the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). If the moving company is a part of these groups, it shows that they adhere to the moving and storage regulations by the federal government.

You should also obtain the name of the company's insurance provider.  Confirm the validity and status of their coverage before you hire them. Some movers offer insurance at an additional cost. So, before you decide to purchase more insurance, check with your home insurance provider to see if they have additional coverage for the move.

2. How Do You Estimate The Moving Cost?

Most movers charge a flat rate per hour. How much space your belongings will take on the truck and the size of the team required for the move will determine the hourly rate. The charges for a larger home will be higher because it requires more workforce. They'll also charge according to the distance of the move. If you're moving long distances, a good moving company will estimate the cost based on weight. 

Make sure the moving company gives you a copy of the estimate in writing. Ask about any extra fees and what the payment options are. Some extra costs may include packing services and materials, stair carries, and furniture assembly or disassembly. 

Sign the company estimate to ensure that it is legally binding.

3. Do You Offer Full-Service Moving?

A full-service move means the movers handle the bulk of the heavy lifting from start to finish of the moving process. This service is best suited if you don't want to take on any physical tasks like packing, loading, unpacking, and transporting your belongings to your new home.

Since it is an all-inclusive service, all you have to do is state your requirements and decide on the date of the move. The movers will come to your home and pack your belongings, disassemble furniture and load them onto the truck.

Ask the moving company about transportation for special items like a pool table or a piano. Make sure they're experienced in moving fragile items before hiring them.

Do thorough research on the moving company. Ask the above questions and also ask for references from family and friends to ensure you have a stress-free move. 

For more information, contact a moving company, such as United Moving and Storage.