Choices You'll Have To Make When Preparing For A Move

Once you decide to move and find a new place to go, your planning for the move is not over. You have the usual tasks like arranging for utilities, but you also have to make a number of decisions regarding the actual move when your belongings are taken to the new place. 

What to Do With Casters

Furniture that is on casters can be rolled out of the house to the moving truck and then rolled into the new house. That makes life easier for the movers, especially if the furniture is heavy. But that also means the casters pick up dirt from the outside that can get on your new carpet as the furniture is being moved to its new location in the new home. The casters would also be left unprotected and open to damage. However, if you wrap the casters to protect them, then the movers have to carry each piece as if it didn't have casters to begin with. The best approach for you will depend on factors like the flooring in your new home. If you have tile or wood flooring, you can use your casters without worrying about ruining the flooring. If you have carpet in the new house, you may want to ask your movers to carry the furniture instead. 

Pack or Let Others Pack?

Many moving companies also offer packing services, so another decision you get to make is whether to pack yourself or let others pack for you. If you have the moving company pack, you'll pay more; if you pack, you'll have to spend time on packing. In a large house with a lot of items, that takes a long time, so think carefully about whether spending the extra money could help make the move go much more smoothly.

If the moving company doesn't offer packing services, you can arrange for helpers to pack through various app-based services. The moving company may also be able to give you some company names for packing services.

Group the Boxes or Have Them Brought Into Each Room?

Some of your preparation involves planning the unpacking after the move, too. When the moving company brings your items to your new home, it's a good idea to have them bring the furniture into each room so that you don't have to lug huge headboards up the stairs, for example. But the boxes with smaller belongings are a different story. Too many boxes in a room along with furniture that needs to be set up can make it harder to move around and get unpacked quickly, especially in smaller bedrooms. Leaving the boxes in areas like the living room allows you to arrange the furniture as needed and then bring items in slowly so you can unpack and make things look very neat, very easily.

At the same time, too many boxes hanging out in the living room and hallways may make it impossible to walk through those areas. You've got to decide if you want all boxes brought to the rooms where the belongings will go or if they should be left in groups in areas like the living room.

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